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When robots, which replace human work, humanize - they play, annoy and bother.
Limited collection of robot's statues from the project By automation to a bright future?
Statues illustrating the process of making ceramics using automated robotic arms. Similar to the times of ancient civilizations, friezes told stories of great battles or depicted the activities of craftsmen and farmers.

Sometimes, however, even sophisticated technology can get out of control, and so we have the honor of a bunch of robots that like to play and get a little angry.

a statue By Automation to the Bright Future?, big

  • a statue is a part of the collection of statues, you can buy only 1 pcs from collection or a set of statues (for more information please write us on


    designed and handcrafted by Tomáš Bárta

    made in Czech republic

    material: porcelain
    height: approx 24 cm
    base: approx 11 cm
    width: approx 24 cm

  • We deliver our products by Zasilkovna (79 CZK) or Balíkovna (65 CZK)

    A delivery shop or box of Zasilkovna or Balikovna please write a note in our order.

    You can pick your order up personally in our studio at Žitomírská 8, Prague 10 too.

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