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a limited collection of vases, cups and bowls decorated by cobalt

a cooperation hightemp studio with Ateliér radostné tvorby (2022/2023)


design a manufacture of porcelain I hightemp studio, Tomáš Bárta
illustration I Ateliér radostné tvorby, George Radojčić


A medium-sized porcelain stackable bowl which is very practical for space in your kitchen with illustrations by the artist George Radojčić.


A Fine-Art Ateliér radostné tvorby serves to artists who communicate with the world differently, non-standardly and who are marked as "handicapped" by a major public.

Atelier focused on creating free creative space for artists. Art by atelier's artists is called "art-brut" which recently flowed together with contemporary art.


George Radojčić
He was born in 1987 in Sarajevo, but has lived in Prague all his life. At the age of four, he developed epilepsy, which marked the next course of his life – he finished primary school at the age of secondary school graduates and was immediately admitted to the graphic studio of Jiří Lindovský at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague as a distinctive talent without any entrance exams. He did not finish his studies, but continued to paint with an unrestrained creativity and has already made his mark on the world with a number of exhibitions (most often at the Artinbox gallery in Prague).

bowl Trees

  • designed and handcrafted by Tomáš Bárta, hightemp studio
    illustrations by George Radojčić, Ateliér radostné tvorby
    made in Czech republic

    material: porcelain
    height: approx 7,3 cm
    average: approx 16,1 cm
    volume: 0,6 l

  • We deliver our products by Zasilkovna (79 CZK) or Balíkovna (65 CZK)

    A delivery shop or box of Zasilkovna or Balikovna please write a note in our order.

    You can pick your order up personally in our studio at Žitomírská 8, Prague 10 too.

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